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 Ghandi, King and... Ikeda?

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House Elf

Ghandi, King and... Ikeda? Empty
PostSubject: Ghandi, King and... Ikeda?   Ghandi, King and... Ikeda? EmptyFri 14 Mar 2014, 11:53

Cris Roman says:
Oct 31 2009

   Barbara… please keep up your skeptical approach to Daisaku Ikeda. Several of those who have posted pro-Ikeda responses are, as has been pointed out, high level executives of the SGI (something they strangely fail to identify). I joined the SGI (then known as NSA) back in 1967 and have practiced Buddhism (as it was taught by them in conjunction with the Fuji School of Nichiren Buddhism) ever since. It is a wonderful religious practice!

   However, in the years between 1967 and 1983 (when I left the Gakkai) some truly tragic things happen. I firmly believe that at the core of them was Ikeda’s inability to heed the dictate, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I lived in Japan for three of those years as a member of the SGI and and Ikeda disciple and witnessed first hand Ikeda publishing writings as his own that he did not write and exhibiting pictures as his own that he did not take. For decades, this exceedingly charismatic man has coveted the Nobel Peace Prize and literally every foreign contact he has made and every university he has endowed or accepted an honorary degree from have all been in the service of gaining that recognition… hence the MLK, Gandhi, Ikeda exhibition — his inclusion in which is completely Gakkai manipulated and holds as much credence as the present day teabag movement in America.

   Ikeda is a good man, but somewhere in the mid-70′s I believe, lost the opportunity to become great. In his meglomania and desire for acclaim, he sowed the seeds of schism between the priesthood that lended credibility to his organization and that organization itself. In its split from its head temple, the religious organization that was once the Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai became the SGI — a Japanese cultural movement without a religious teaching.

   Not that I am that great a backer of religious organizations. In my years of practice as an independent Buddhist, what I cherish is my practice… not the dogma handed down by both the SGI and Fuji School themselves. What is completely tragic is the extent to which both lay people and priests, in their quest for power and recognition, have caused the teachings of Nichiren to become almost irrelevant in the modern day West.

   In 1967, when I joined, our rate of growth in the U.S. outstripped the Mormons. Now, it is nothing. This destruction of so many people’s hearts and dreams must be laid at the feet of Ikeda. Like Gandhi and King, I think not. Similar to Sun Myung Moon… now I think the comparison is more apt.



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Ghandi, King and... Ikeda?

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