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 ASUS U47A-BGR4 Bios Problem

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ASUS U47A-BGR4 Bios Problem Empty
PostSubject: ASUS U47A-BGR4 Bios Problem   ASUS U47A-BGR4 Bios Problem EmptyFri 13 Dec 2013, 23:23

An outstanding Laptop I bought that had issues
Posted by: Keys35
from Wichita Falls, TXon 11/04/2012

What's great about it: Everything

What's not so great: None after I worked my magic on it.

I read majority of the reviews on here and I want to tell everyone that lack (IT) experience, if you buy Asus u47a laptop have Best Buy techs to re-flash or update the BIOS prior to taking it home. Yes I had every bad issue that the people mentioned but being that I am an experienced tech. I discovered that the BIOS were corrupt. I could not type or use the (FN) function keys and the touch pad was inoperable.
1. I don't like how Asus chopped up the hard drive into so many partitions. So I completely formatted the Hard-drive and loaded Win7 and then upgraded to Win8, went out to Asus website and downloaded all the drivers and installed them.
2. I downloaded the updated BIOS which is version 409 from version 204 by running the ASUS BIOS flash utility. Now all keys and (FN) keys work like a jewel and also the touch pad that people been having trouble with is not so touchy and work perfectly. Also, I Backed up my image on an external hard drive after installing everything.
3. You do not need to by anti-virus software for windows8 unless you just have a preference. However, Windows defender is doing an excellent job protecting my computer which comes with Windows8.
4. I own and installed some very demanding software on this beast and it handled it with absolutely no problems and with the greatest of speed and performance.
Lastly, I want to tell those who said that this laptop is a piece of junk, it is not SERIOUSLY. I worked in information Tech long enough to be a valid candidate to tell you that all PC no matter the Maker or Model sometimes comes in not perfect and just need a little fine tuning just like I did with this one sometimes they may have common issues such the BIOS need to be re-flashed is my take on other reviews I read because I have had the same issue.
All I can say is because of one of you guys who returned this ASUS laptop I got a steal it was sold to me for $649. After tax $700.30. I Properly fixed my Laptop myself and have had absolutely no issues. Also, I Play Call of Duty MW3 PC version as well, the graphics are phenomenal, what a machine!! Real review here Real talk. If you buy this Laptop please have the Techs to update or re-flash your BIOS or if you have experience do it yourself.
This product is... Good sound quality, A touch pad that works great, Perfect for Business, easy to set up, lightning fast, excellent gaming pc, does more than expected

About me... Technology guru, Regularly process large video or graphics files, Gamer, Business Professional, Comfortable with technology, professional pc technician

I would recommend this to a friend!



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ASUS U47A-BGR4 Bios Problem

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